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  • How to Lose Weight

    Hey!  I got your attention!  You may never have even been to this blog before, but you clicked because you’re interested in losing weight (or because you’re family and you read all of my stuff anyway).  Swimsuit season is almost here and my wife and I decided that it might be a good idea to […]

  • I’ve Already Picked our Next President

    I know, I know.  I’ve got a horrible track record at this… In 2007, I came out for Fred Thompson for president, who was really just in it to eventually throw his support to his good buddy, John McCain.  So, we ran a Washington insider with squishy almost-conservative views and he got his clock cleaned […]

  • New MacBook, Grandma’s Radio, and stuff….

    We received the new (to us) computer  in the mail the other day.  No surprises at all.  In fact, it’s a really nice little laptop.  Looks like our temporarily incarcerated Ebay seller was an honest guy after all.  The computer looks new, and the user data left on it indicated that it truly belonged to […]

  • Now, what exactly am I supposed to think about this?

    I have a stepson attending college in Rio de Janiero.  That’s him on the left. We’re proud of him – it’s difficult to get into college in Brasil.  He’s studying communications and a MacBook would be an excellent Christmas present – it’s what the other people that are studying communications are using. I don’t know […]

  • My dad was pretty handy…

    I fix a lot of stuff.  Our house, for example, needed a lot of work when we moved in.  It still needs work, of course, just not as much as it did.  If one wishes to get work done, it requires tools – lots of them.  I am not one of those guys that buys […]

  • Darn, can the government really do that?

    I fly a lot, or at least I used to, back when my job came with vacation.  I was flying regularly when the TSA was given the job of scaring the public for no reason enforcing airline security.  I saw the gradual tightening of the regulations and the silly way that the TSA quickly responded […]

  • Abby’s safe, and her parents do NOT belong in jail….

    Abby Sunderland, the sixteen-year old girl who was attempting to sail around the world and was feared lost in the southern Indian Ocean has been located and is safe.  Her communications were cut off when her mast was severed yesterday by a very rough sea.  She triggered her emergency beacon (EPIRB) in response to the […]

  • I crossed a line today….

    Although I have plenty of political opinions, I don’t have a history of contributing money to political candidates.  It’s always seemed that the folks that I support are already well-financed – or I’ve always thought so. This morning, I went to Sharron Angle’s web site and got out my credit card.  I made a contribution […]

  • Off for a few days!!!

    Off of work for a few days!  WooHoo!! What’s really weird is that I can’t check my work e-mail.  I’ve always watched my e-mail from home – its one way to keep up with things while one is off for a week at a time.  Our new owners haven’t set up e-mail access yet.  When […]

  • Memorial Day – Run for the Wall

    Run for the Wall is an annual Memorial Day event in Washington DC, where bikers from all over travel to DC to remember those heroes that gave their lives for freedom.  Today, some friends and I went to observe and participate.  This was my first time at the event.  There’s a lot of information about […]