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Working on the Front Yard

We got all of this cool shrubbery with the house.  It had to go.  We also wanted to grade the yard a little better to ensure that the basement remained dry.  We had the old shrubs torn out by a local guy and bought a whole bunch of topsoil, spreading it around and leveling it as best as we could.  I planted grass seed and watered faithfully, but I didn’t get much of a lawn.  I tried more seed a few weeks later, making sure to rake it in a bit so the birds (really fat by now) didn’t get any ideas about eating THIS lawn.  I’m happy to report that the second lawn worked.  We’ve put the fall fertilizer (and weed killer) down and the weeds are just gone.  I’ve never had a nice lawn before.  It’s cool.

Shrubs that came with the house
So long shrubs!!
Monica points out one that the guys missed…..
Do-it-yerself lawn delivered by dump truck.
Spread out and ready for seed. Hi Bonnie!!

Need to add a picture of the new lawn.  I will have to take one.  I’m in Brasil and I can’t find one on the ‘puter.  By the way, that mailbox was replaced by a big mail slot I put in the door.  Keeps your mail dry and you can leave it there whan you go on vacation.  Bonnie does a good job of announcing the mail delivery, too.


We’ve got SO much to do – let’s get going….


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