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Good Luck, Vagabond Dog

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Who couldn’t love this guy?

Yesterday, as I was leaving to pick Monica up at the hairdresser, I saw Vagabond Dog on a leash. Someone has adopted him! He was speaking with our veterinarian neighbor as I was leaving. Monica knows the man who took him – he lives in a neighborhood near here. I am thrilled that this dog is going to be okay. Seeing him out there was breaking my heart.

It’s Saturday, and a little warm here. Monica’s mom stopped by this morning and she stayed for lunch. Lunch was awesome – Monica is a great cook. We took a trip this morning to check on Monica’s dad – a friend had called, worried that he didn’t answer his cell phone. He was not at his apartment, but we found him at his club, where we talked with him for a while, sharing a bit of Skol. Although almost eighty, he is so full of life – spending a lot of time at his club. Club Nautico is a full-service type of club with a huge pool, a fully-equipped gym and social events. I went there with Monica last year to a dance. We’ve been invited to go back this Friday night – I saw the poster announcing the event. It looks like a ten-piece dance band, complete with horns. Can’t wait.
I washed the car this morning and repaired a small problem with the tailgate lock – the body shop that replaced our back hatch reversed the wires to the power lock. It was unlocked when the rest of the car was locked and vice versa – swapped two wires, an easy fix. While washing the car, I found a worn wiper blade. Most of the stores in Retiro shut down at 12:30 on Saturdays, so that will have to wait until Monday. Not a big deal. It looks like we’re running out of problems with the car, finally. Now we can just drive the thing.

Tonight being Saturday Night, Monica and I will probably go out.

That’s it from Brasil today,






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