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No Rain Today (yet)

Thursday, Jan 24.

Tuesday night, we went out to dinner at one of our favorite places, Aldeia da Pizza, in Vila. Monica had spent all day in a cleaning fit and needed a break. This restaurant is pretty much the opposite of any place we went in Ilha Grande. It seems that there are more servers than customers sometimes, people are really nice and the food is always great. It is likely our favorite place in Volta Redonda. The owners really know what they’re doing there. No live music or anything, just a nice place to eat.

View from our table.

Hey, I am not some sort of weirdo that runs around taking pictures of restaurant meals, but this was just too cool. My cell phone camera took a photo of our meal, a fondue where we cooked meat at our table, dipping it in all sorts of different things. Mmmmmm.

Fondue for Dinner.

Oh, dessert was also a fondue of sorts – we had melted chocolate in a dish and all sorts of cut up fruit to dip in it. Yes, it was awesome…

Dessert fondue.
Makes you hungry, doesn’t it? We had a really excellent meal – I highly recommend the place. If you want directions, just ask.
Wednesday was another rainy day. We took a drive in the afternoon to a city near here (Barra Mansa) where Monica went to school and took care of some paperwork that she needed to get done. UBM, the school that she graduated from is in the city and the buildings look a lot like other buildings in the area. It doesn’t look too much like a college in the US, where everyone tries for the ivy-covered brick wall look.
We watched the companion piece to the movie that we saw on Monday. Clint Eastwood directed two different movies about Iwo Jima, one from the Japanese point of view. It was interesting to get a different perspective on the fighting. Letters from Iwo Jima was the title, I think. Like most other movies, I chose to have the dialogue in Portuguese with English subtitles. There was no option for English audio – I believe that the movie was performed in Japanese. Japanese soldiers speaking Portuguese – how cool.
The weather let up enough for me to clean the mud off the inside and outside of the Tipo yesterday. The car looks good and has an appointment on Monday at the body shop to get the new paint buffed out. There’s also a problem with one of the new hatchback hinges that they need to fix while they have it. May take a day or two…
I just realized that I’m on my last week here. I fly back to the US next Wednesday.






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