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A Night at the Club, the Dog Returns, Two kinds of Bananas

Clube Nautico
Last night, we went to Clube Nautico,  Monica’s dad’s club.  We were invited last week – he called and reminded us yesterday.  They had an excellent dance band.  If you like to dance, it was a really good band.  If you like to listen, well….  Keeping in mind that they did a number of songs in English, they did okay.  Much better than if I was trying to sing in Portuguese, for sure.  They were loud and kept a good dance beat – that’s why they were there.  Anyway, we had a great time, although many of the people that attended obviously do this a lot.  There were some really great dancers out there – I know, I bumped into most of them.  That’s a skill that I would like to pick up someday.  Monica’s sister and Cinesio shared a table with us as well.


  Monica’s Dad
We were the guests of Monica’s father, who looked pretty good on the dance floor.  He’s a really nice guy that doesn’t act anything like his age.  He’s an officer of Club Nautico, and has been involved with them forever.  He reserved a table for us and spent a little time with us between dances.
gregandm.jpg Self-picture with the cell phone last night.  I should have taken a picture of Rita and Cinesio, but I didn’t.  We had a great time at Clube Nautico.

Cooking bananas are on the left

We went to the supermarket the other day to pick up some fresh fruit and stuff.  We bought bananas, but we had to search for them – usually they’re easy to find.  After we got home, Monica discovered that we bought “cooking bananas” instead of the normal ones.  Now I’m just a guy, but I never knew that there was a difference.  I usually have fresh fruit for breakfast (yes, Monica spoils me) and lately, I’ve been getting cooked (boiled in the skin and then peeled) banana with honey and cinnamon (mel and canela).  Good stuff, really good.
Oh, yesterday Vagabond dog vdog.jpg was back at his post in front of our house, as if he had never left.   Not really true – he’s had a bath and he’s just limping a little now.  He accompanied the poodle and myself on the poop walk this morning, as always.  He walks next to me while Billy runs here and there at the end of his leash, ignoring me and adding his poodle pee to every vertical surface in sight.   The folks across the street have put the water and food bowls back out for him, but he’s still stationed in front of our house.  Here’s a picture from last night    drivewaydog.jpg.
He’s the brown lump in front of our driveway gate.  I’m hoping that he just got away from his new owner and that he’ll show up here to claim him.  The dog knows his way around, and may have come here after escaping a yard.  We can hope, anyway.
It’s Saturday, I’m going to make some phone calls.  Monica is working on a shrimp salad for dinner. Mmmmmmm.






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