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Still here in St Croix….

Yes, we’ll be leaving tomorrow.  I will miss this place.  Our beach front condo seems like it han’t changed too much.  The other night, I was writing an e-mail in the wee hours before I went to bed when I noticed a small sea shell slowly dragging itself across the tile floor near my feet.  Hermit crabs are so cool.  I lost track of him after a few minutes but John saw him in the hall the next morning and brought him back outside.  I have seen one of those little things in the living room on every visit here.

While snorkeling the other day, I found a perfect conch shell.  I checked it carefully for any signs of a crab and didn’t find one, so I brought it back with me.  The next morning, I checked inside again and saw crab eyes (and legs) – so back in the water with that shell.  It’s only fair, he had it first.  It’s interesting that those crabs live in the sea but have no problem spending a night out of the water ( well, he didn’t complain to me…).  So, we’ve had experience with both the land and sea versions of the hermit crab.

Now that we’re about to leave, I’ve got the darn internet working perfectly on the wireless router that I brought with me, using an attachment to my cable internet box, bypassing the very slow and overused common wireless connection.  I’m thinking of how to leave instructions to the next tenant so they can bypass the hours of frustration that I went through.

Sitting here in the living room, I’m also noticing that the wall on the west side of the room looks a little bare.  The TV is there (never turned on this week) in a wicker stand, but there is a lot of white space on either side of it.  I’m a guy and I know my limitations, so instead of purchasing those velvet Elvis paintings, I think I’ll wait to get some feminine help with that bit of decorating.  As most of you already know, my heart belongs to a Brasileira who may be able to accompany me here later this year.  Just before I left Wilmington, we had some good news on her visa.  It’s going to be great to bring her here.

Tuesday we didn’t go diving.  We had intended to, but we spent all day goofing off instead.  Every time we thought about going, a shower passed by.  We took a ride to the east side of the island just to sightsee (Mark has never been here).  We made a trip to Gallows Bay Hardware to get some plumbing repair parts and pick up some supplies.  Due to the cost of water on the island, we use salt water in the toilets.  It’s tough on the toilet fill valves  because some sand and stuff comes with the water, so I had to replace one of them (as a former landlord, I could do this in my sleep).  Gallows Bay Hardware is an incredible store – they have everything that you could possible want on the island.  They can sell you beer and the glass to drink it out of, if you like.  There is news of a Home Depot coming to St Croix.  If they do, I hope that Gallows Bay survives.  I would hate to lose such a cool store….

Chinese food on Tuesday night, at the Sunny Isle shopping center.  Take-out quality Chinese food, nothing special.  It was nice to just spend a day relaxing.  At night, we went to Angry Nate’s on the Christiansted boardwalk.  They had Karaoke and cold Heineken.  We had a great time, and that’s all that I’ll say about that.

Going diving this afternoon.  I’ll post more later.







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