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Hi Kate!!

Kate arrived this morning at PHL.  She’s going to spend a couple of weeks here, on vacation from the USN.  080320081.jpg  Next week is her birthday.  The dining room light was on, causing that shadow across her shoulders – I am not a good photographer.  She’s still a beautiful kid.  I am so proud of her….

Checking on eBay, my old laptop has been bid up to $310.  You know, there’s something a little weird here.  I’m using my laptop to check the ‘net to see how much I’ll get for it.  It’s a little like the firing squad asking the convicted guy to load the rifles.  I received an e-mail from Dell this morning – the new one is on the way.

I had a nice long conversation with my favorite aunt this morning (Hi Claire!) and I promised that I would post a picture of Kate.

Off to do weekend stuff…







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