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Hey, I’m in an airport again….

In Miami, waiting for my morning flight to Philadelphia.  The overnight flight here from Brasil was pretty uneventful, except that it left 30 minutes late.  I was able to get a little sleep after the dinner.  The in-flight meal leaving Brasil was much better than one last week when I left Miami.  I had real butter, and there was even a thin slice of salmon in my salad – I’ve never seen that before in a coach seat salad meal.  MMMMMmmmm.  I really like salmon, even if it’s only a little bit.  They also thoughtfully included a lime wedge in the salad so I could just squeeze out some lime juice instead of covering it with that icky and oily Italian dressing in the packet.  I’ve become accustomed to eating salad with lime juice, and combined with the salmon, it was a nice thing.  I did notice one cost-cutting thing on this trip.  I didn’t see any sign of a headset.  Ordinarily, they are free on international flights, but they weren’t there on this trip.  I didn’t have to pay for my cup of apple juice, though.  At least not yet…

I am sitting in a corner area in the “E” terminal in Miami.  It was the only quiet place that I could find.  I’ve noticed that It is almost impossible to get away from the noise from the TVs in the waiting areas.  Hey, Miami International!  Not everyone wants to watch CNN!!  Almost every seat in the waiting area is exposed to the audio from the TVs.  If you want to get a few winks, or talk on your cell, you’re going to have to find someplace else to be.  Heard on the inescapable news network this morning – US Air is going to start charging for sodas on flights.  I will never fly US Air.

Yesterday, just before leaving Volta Redonda, I ordered new tires and wheels from  The alloys on the focus are bent and dinged enough to make wheel balancing difficult.  This store mounted and balanced the tires free and shipped them the same day (just saw the e-mail confirmation).  They have a location in Delaware, but they aren’t set up for customer pickup, so UPS will have to bring them to the house.  Cool stuff.  Both the tires and wheels were on sale.  I got a great price, even with shipping.  When the tires arrive, I’ll just bolt them on the car and go.  How cool is that?

The other day, I wrote an “about me” page for the blog.  It could stand some more work, and near the end, I went into a rant about some political and Iraq war stuff.  I found this interesting column from an economics professor at Georgetown University that says almost the exact thing that I said, just better.  I posted my stuff first, though.

They’re boarding now, gotta go,






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