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My dog is a wuss… and other stuff.

bonnie-002Those of you that know our dog are not surprised at the title of this article.  Bonnie is a Lhasa Apso – it’s in her breeding to be an “alarm dog”.  I’m okay with her being a scaredy-cat most of the time.  I am a lazy slob – unwilling to put in the daily grooming and weekly bathing sessions needed to keep a Lhasa looking nice.  My solution?  I have her clipped regularly.  She’s ugly with short hair, but I don’t have to fuss with her nearly as much.

Unfortunately, her last session at the groomer coincided with the arrival of lower-than-normal fall temperatures.  We found Bonnie shivering a lot.  I can’t just blow that off any more, because my new wife expects me to be a nice guy.  It was necessary for us to make a trip to Petsmart to buy a sweater to help keep the little dog warm.

Petsmart, that colossal behemoth of a pet store that is about the size of a Walmart, only had ONE sweater that would fit this dog.  We could have bought a cotton shirt, but I needed something warmer – wasn’t that the point?  That’s it on her back – a pink cable knit.  So now, we’re walking around the ‘hood, and all of the guys walking their pit bulls get to watch Bonnie with her wussy sweater.

The continuing story of Monica and the DMV….

29092008202Wednesday night after work, we went to the DMV in Wilmington yet again, trying to get Monica a driver’s license.  Last time, we were told that she wasn’t cleared through the SAVE immigrant database.  Unfortunately, that’s all that we were told.  I did some research, made a few phone calls and found out that the Delaware DMV could check with the Dept. of Homeland Security for us, instead of having us make an appointment and drive down to Dover to attempt to straighten it out.  Wednesday, we went there again and filled out the forms necessary to have the DMV check on her status.  Today, we received a phone message stating that she was cleared and that we could come in.  She will have to take a driving test again, but we’ll get the written test overwith and a learner’s permit so she can get a little practice on the roads here legally.  Of course, in the picture above, there are no roads involved…..

Where did it go??

painGot my monthly 401K statement today.  Wow, who ever thought that I would be able to lose that much money in the stock market?    Thanks, guys.  Fidelity, Vanguard and the likes have been telling me to put the maximum in my 401K and leave it in well-diversified mutual funds.  Well, it isn’t working so well.  I would have done much better this year it I had put all of the money in a sock under my bed.  Hey, if I lose it all, I’ll be poor, and Obama’s gonna take care of all of the poor people, right?  Not to worry then….

It’s only November, right??

img_2395This is what the backyard looked like this morning,  It’s been windy and cold all week with flurries, but the snow fell a bit last night.  There’s nothing on the roads – that’s a good thing.  The hose in that picture has since been rolled up, blown dry and put away – don’t want it to freeze.  The houses on the right in the picture are the “projects”.  These are houses owned my the city and provided to poor people for very little money.  The folks that live there don’t have to cut their grass, clean up their yards or even tote their trash cans to the curb.  The city hires folks to do that.  I suppose it’s because nobody wants to hurt the feelings of the poor people by asking them to pick up their own d*mn trash.  Kids and adults alike ignore trash cans and just let stuff drop onto the ground wherever they are.  The city will clean it up, except for my little yard, that is.  I have to pick up the potato chip bags and beverage cans myself.  Grrrrr….  You might not be able to tell in the picture, but 6 of those little townhouses are boarded up.  The city has an ordinance directed at vacant properties.  It’s a shame that that ordinance doesn’t apply to them.  I’ll stop b*tching now.

201020082235Just a few weeks ago, I was doing this.  We’re learning how to sail (just in case you didn’t notice Monica’s picture earlier).  Right now, the boat is out of the water for the winter.  It’s cold.  Who wants to be out on the water now?  It’s a shame that the fall ended so quickly and the winter came on so fast.  I would have enjoyed getting out on the water a bit more.  Guess that there’s always next year….

more later…






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