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Bonnie meets the Roomba

Bonnie is a wimp.  She has cowered from vacuum cleaners her entire life.  At last, she meets one that doesn’t tower over her.


I know it’s silly…..

The Focus is gone.  The new owners picked it up today.  I hope they enjoy the little car as much as I did.  We drove the Explorer all the way down Route 40 into Elkton this afternoon.  It’s a nice drive, with lots of different traffic situations – great for driving practice.

The afternoon temperature today was over 50 degrees.  I took advantage of the semi-warm weather to get the motorcycle out of the garage and wash it before I put it away for the winter.  I took a little ride after (helps to dry it off, right?)  I find that I miss riding a bit.  As long as the hose was out, I washed the Explorer.  It seems a bit weird to wash only one car.  We’ll get another car (an automatic) soon, I’m sure.

Gasoline prices are approaching $1.60/gallon for unleaded regular.  We haven’t seen these prices since December of 2004 – here’s a is a pretty cool resource.  It can help you find the cheapest gasoline in your area, and perhaps save you a dollar or two when you fill up.  If you’re buying 15 gallons (an Explorer fill-up), seven cents per gallon is a dollar.  It’s not worth it to drive all over the state, of course, but if there’s a cheap gas station on the way there, it can help.

I’m going to go watch a movie now…






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