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This P*sses me off…..

You know, we’ve freed over 27.5 million people from an iron-handed dictator known for building extravagant palaces for himself and using poison gas on his own people.  There was no freedom of the press in Iraq, and no journalism at all (except those working directly for the state propaganda apparatus) before we went in there.  So now some “journalist” tosses shoes at GWB during a press conference – this is considered an insult of grand proportion in their culture.  Here’s the video….


Okay, this jerk got his 15 seconds of fame – good for him.  What’s the penalty for assault in Iraq?

I got his name (Muntazer al-Zaidi) from Michelle Malkin‘s excellent blog.  There was an incident in November of 2007, where this TV “journalist” was allegedly released after being kidnapped – without any ransom being paid….

He’s a TV Journalist for a satellite channel “Al-Baghdadia”.  Or at least he used to be……

How would Saddam handle this?






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