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Cozy and Warm….

img_24811I am sitting on the couch in the living room next to the Christmas tree.  The fireplace is on, tossing gas-fired warmth into the room.  The radio is adding a holiday soundtrack.  My dog is curled up next to me on the couch, her head up on a pillow.




I worked last night (12 hrs on my day off again – grrrrrrr), but I am not scheduled to work again until the 25th (also a scheduled day off) on night shift.  Today, my beautiful Brasileira and I went out to finish the last of the holiday shopping.  We’re having some folks over on Christmas eve for a Brasilian-type of celebration, so we needed to pick up some stuff.  We went out today – the Saturday before Christmas, but we didn’t have too many problems finding parking.  The stores were doing the best that they could to move us along – almost no lines at the cashiers.  Of course, we didn’t try a mall (we’re not crazy) but the shopping wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.

Yesterday, I went to the post office to mail a last-minute package.  Sure, there was a bit of a line – it’s expected on the weekend before Christmas.  We also had that lady that has never mailed a package before – you’ve probably met her there.  She had to borrow some tape from the counter person and asked half-a dozen questions from the line while the clerks were trying to serve other customers.  Although she spent ten minutes waiting next to the counter where the blank forms were, she had to ask for one when she got to the counter and proceeded to start filling it out while the rest of us waited, clutching our already-completed forms.  The counter person didn’t bat an eye, and just called out “Anyone waiting for pick-up?”  She served two or three customers in this fashion, taking tickets and handing packages over and around the rotund Mrs. Clueless.  Awesome display of customer service spirit by a civil servant.  It made me smile.

I am hearing some yummy sounds from the kitchen.  We’re having green soup (caldo verde) for dinner.  It’s a kale soup 180px-caldo_verdewhose origins are in Portugal.  Monica is cooking some up now.  Mmmmmm.    The link above as well as the picture to the right are from Wikipedia- just in case you want to learn something about the soup.  Monica’s made it for me before – it’s awesome.

The temperature outside is in the twenties. and the wind is howling.  Bonnie and I are hanging here on the cozy couch waiting for dinner.

Life is good.






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