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Hey, The Israeli Defense Force is Unleashed!!

Okay, I don’t watch the TV news at all, but I listen to the radio.  I’ve also seen some stuff on the ‘net news sites that I check occasionally.  It seems that the dirtballs that have been shooting rockets at Israeli civilians are finally getting some payoff on their explosive investment.  We have already seen, and will continue to see photos from Gaza of injured children and weeping parents.  It’s amazing how those photos hit the wires even before the smoke clears.

Does anyone remember seeing photos of the Israelis wounded by the untargeted weapons of terror shot from Gaza??  Not me!  I know that they’re out there – here’s an example. We just never get to see them – you have to go Googling for ’em.

No sane person can find any joy in the deaths of innocents, so I don’t find myself rejoicing at the injuries and deaths of those who found themselves near enough to Israel’s hammer to become collateral victims (estimated at only 15% of the casualties) .  Then again, I remember seeing photos like this, broadcast around the world on Sept. 11, 2001.

Our friends the Palestinians expressing their concern on 9/11
Our friends the Palestinians expressing their concern on 9/11

We all remember seeing the videos of the Palestinians dancing in the streets after thousands of Americans died while at work on 9/11.  As far as I know, not one of those office workers had ever shot a single rocket.  Oh,what was that I wrote about sane people again??  Keep in mind that OVER 50% of those in Gaza depend on food aid to stay alive.  They can’t afford food, but they can shoot hundreds of rockets??  Aren’t rockets expensive??  Actually, they’re $536 each – plus shipping, I suppose.  These aren’t defensive weapons – they can’t be aimed or targeted.  They are designed to cause terror – making those who use them “terrorists”.  They aren’t militants or insurgents – they’re murderers.

For some neat information on the conflict, check out this guy’s excellent blog.  He’s ‘Liveblogging” – posting his thoughts and information during the crisis as it occurs.  If you have the stomach, check out his “comments” section, where some folks try to justify the position of the murderers.








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