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Snow Day

img_2657We live in an area of the US that seldom sees big snow storms.  We have the Chesapeake Bay to the west and south and the ocean to the east.  The water helps protect us from temperature extremes that can cause snow events.  Rain in the winter is much more common than snow.

That being said, we will usually see a good snow storm or two every year.  I thought that we had missed ours this winter, but Mother Nature decided to dish out a last-goodbye-to-winter storm at the beginning of March.  We had about 8 inches of the white stuff overnight.  The temperatures last night were well below normal – in the 20s – so the snow is the light, powdery stuff, not the heavy, wet snow that you usually see in March.

Schools are closed but most businesses are open.  We ran some errands this afternoon.  The supermarket was open, but there weren’t too many customers – no waiting to check out!  The snow seems to have slowed things down a little in the area.  I have the day off, so I have an opportunity to post on my much-ignored blog.  Despite the silence, we have had a lot of stuff going on.greencard

Monica is now a Permanent Resident.  She has just received a card that proves it.  It only took six months from when we applied this summer (soon after we were married).  We will have to apply in two years to have her conditional status removed by showing proof that we’re still married – a way to avoid sham marriages and immigration fraud, I suppose.

Not our house, but it's looks like it.
Not our house, but it looks just like it.

We’re buying a new house – well, new to us, anyway.  It isn’t too far from where we live now, but it isn’t in the city.  It’s a Cape Cod style house in a little neighborhood.  One problem about our present row house is that people often pass by at all hours and unintentionally share their (often drunken) conversations with us from the sidewalk in front of our bedroom.  If anyone happens past our next house, they will likely have some reason for being there.  Monica is also tired of the unsolicited chatter she occasionally gets while walking Bonnie when I am at work.  She finds it disrespectful.  So do I.  Since I cannot imagine any situation in which a woman might positively respond to being called out on the street, I must assume that the purpose of the hollering is harassment and the feeling of power that one person (or a group) gets from making another person uncomfortable.  It’s not something that she’s going to miss.

The new house has a few deficiencies, but nothing that is above our abilities.  When we move in, the house will have a new kitchen and heating system.  The house has hardwood floors that will also be refinished before we move in.  These small problems did affect the price.  We dickered a bit with the bank that owned the long-vacant house.  They ended up accepting an offer that was about as much as one would pay for an unoptioned Cadillac Escalade.  We’re excited about having more room and a nicer place.  We’ve been planning our new kitchen and looking at house stuff lately.

Oh, if you’re interested in the local weather, we have a camera set up.  It’s a temporary thing, but I thought that it would be fun to do.  Greg’s Cam in ‘da Hood.

politicsI see that my 401K is worth exactly half of what it was when the Democrat party took over Congress.  Thanks, Dems.  With the business-killing legislation pouring out of Washington, you really can’t expecting anything else, I suppose.


The president’s proposed budget has a cap-and-trade system that is supposedly going to stop global warming, but the real reason is the revenue that it’s going to generate.  Where is all of that money going to come from?  IT’S A GIANT TAX INCREASE on anyone that uses energy.  Do you heat your house?  Drive to work?  Enjoy hot showers?  You’re going to pay.

I think that this government isn’t really interested in seeing the economy get any better.  The supposed “stimulus” bill was all about passing business-killing legislation – most of the stimulus spending that was supposed to help the economy will be in 2010. The way the president has been scaring everyone about the economy, one cannot hope that things will get better anytime soon.  We can look forward to having more of his socialist agenda passed by legislators that hope that nobody notices because of the panicked economy.

hillaryWhat about the $900 million (money borrowed from our children) that Hillary is going to give Gaza???  Aren’t those the same folks that danced in the streets on Sept.11?  Didn’t they elect the murdering Hamas as their representatives?  Don’t they regularly SHOOT ROCKETS at Israel?  Not military rockets, but unaimable rockets whose only purpose is to cause terror.  We’re rewarding this behavior with almost a billion that we don’t have.  If even ONE DOLLAR of that goes towards buying more rockets (who’s going to bet that it won’t?) that makes you and me sponsors of state-sanctioned terrorism and partially responsible for the next rocket attack.

Watch our government carefully.  Bush is gone and the Republicans are out of power.  The Democrats are acting like all of the grown-ups have gone home, and they can do whatever they want to do without worrying about consequences.







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