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Flower Show, dirty ovens…

Sunset in Philly
Sunset in Philly

The City of Philadelphia is only a few miles north of us.  It’s a really nice city.  We should go there more often.

During the last part of winter, the Philadelphia Flower Show returns to remind everyone that spring is just a few weeks away.  Friday afternoon, we drove to the city and decided to stop by the show.  I have never been there before.  Wow, there were some really wonderful exhibits.  Flowers were everywhere, of course – arranged in awesome displays of color.  There was an Italian theme, I think.  Some exhibits were more concentrated on the theme than others.


About half of the space was devoted to sales booths.  Folks were there selling all sorts of things.  There were a few booths where folks were just selling their artwork.  It looked like the artist was usually in attendance at the booth.    Folks were selling garden tools, flowers, bonsais and all sorts of gadgets and img_2709gizmos for plants.  You could talk to somebody about solar power, or getting a patio enclosure or new windows…  One of my favorite exhibits was one that showed a backyard that was set up with a barbecue and counters and even a sink.  Awesome…  Anyway, it gave us a few ideas about what we can do with the backyard of our new place.

My next backyard.

After the show, we returned to the car to stash our flower show loot before going to dinner.  We were in Chinatown, where there are restaurants everywhere.  We ended up having a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant.  Everything was great – nothing was too spicy.  I had ginger ice cream for dessert – it was really good.  Monica had coconut, and she loved it.

ovenWe cleaned the oven the other day.  While cleaning it, the bulb burned out.  I took the oven door off so we could clean between the two panes of glass (Brasileiras like really clean ovens) and we were able to clean the inside without the door being in the way.  Pretty cool.

Yesterday, I was at Walmart and I wanted to buy a  new oven bulb.  Why did I have to buy two of them?  The bulbs are packaged two to a card, all covered in plastic.  I only needed one.  It was only about $2 for two appliance bulbs, but now I have an extra one.  Who has two ovens?  And if you did, what are the chances that both bulbs would fail at the same time??  Philips, the company that sells the bulbs, has sold me something that I didn’t want.  I would have happily

What I bought
What I bought

paid a bit more to buy the one bulb that I needed.  Look, I know that Philips does have a

What I needed
What I needed

package with just one bulb – it’s there on the right – swiped from the Home Depot web site – but it wasn’t at Walmart.  I now have a sparebulb.   It will go down into the basement with the other stuff, where it will be forgotten.  It will end up in a junk box where there are likely other light bulbs that I bought and didn’t want.  I remember buying a turn signal bulb for the Explorer last spring – I think it was in a Philips package as well.  I only needed one, but had to buy two.  For all I know, there might be another appliance bulb down there already…

We’ve been busy making plans for our new house.  We’ve decided to eliminate one of the kitchen windows in order to have a place to put the refrigerator.  Otherwise, the refrigerator would eat up a bunch of counter space and cabinets.  We will need a new floor as well.  Lots to do there.  Making plans, keeping busy.


What can I say?

Our new government is moving toward government control of more and more of our economy.  We did NOT vote for this.  Where is he getting his advice from??

I want my 401K losses back before I hand over a penny to pay someone else’s mortgage.

I’m probably not alone here, either.







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