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Dog Emergency

Bonnie's got a cone.

Those of you that know me are likely also familiar with my dog, Bonnie.  She is as calm and friendly a dog as I have ever seen.  She’s an awesome little companion, except that she’s afraid of almost everything.

She also has an awkward little personality trait – she really gets p*ssed when anyone leaves.  She doesn’t like to have anyone leave the room (or house, or bed….).  I think it’s cute.

As you can see, she’s wearing a cone now.  Yesterday, we took her to the groomer, and she must have had something irritate her eye.  She did that weird wiping-her-eye-on-the-carpet thing.  She also scratched her eye with her paw.  Somewhere in all that stuff, she put a good-sized divot in her cornea.  The vet says that she has already started to heal, and the cone is there to make sure that she doesn’t mess the healing process up.

She’s going to be fine, but she has to wear that cone…..

I’ve got a few days off of work – more later.  My wife just finished making me a snack.  Guacamole – mmmmm











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