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A Really BAD Idea…

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Hey, late last Friday afternoon, it was announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his buddies would be moved from Guantanamo Bay to NEW YORK and given a trial there in a federal civilian court for allegedly masterminding the Twin Towers bombings of September 11, 2009.

Did anybody notice?

Is it just me, or is this insane???  Why the heck are we bringing this murdering terrorist, who bragged of wielding the knife that killed Daniel Pearl, as well as the 9/11 murders, to New York?  Why is he getting a civilian trial?  Is there any reason on earth that we should provide US citizen rights to an avowed hater of everything American?  What is our government thinking?

You LIE!!!

You know, I WANT to believe in our government.  I want to think that the people that represent us are behaving in our best interests.  However, the only possible reason….the only one that I can imagine…. is that people in the government are doing this for stupid political reasons.  I hope I am wrong.  Could the people that we entrust with our safety really let us down like this?  Would our government take this kind of risk simply to attempt to embarrass the previous administration?  There’s your hope and change folks.  I hope that I”m wrong – I really do.   If anyone can come up with another rational explanation for what our government is trying to do, please, please let me know.  Bringing this guy to New York – taking that sort of risk – just to try to poke a stick in President Bush’s eye?  That’s not just amateurish or inept – that’s negligence bordering on criminal.  We already know how the Governor of New Your feels about that. In this overseas news article, the political angle is mentioned IN THE FIRST SENTENCE.

That’s your hope and change, guys.  Our president is giving rights to an avowed murderer and giving him a platform to spew more of his anti-americanism in a political attempt to try and make the Bush administration look bad.  Hey, guys.  The election is over – you won.  Bush lost.  Your main job is keeping us safe – how is this going to help do that?

This prisoner is evil.  He kills innocents without a thought.  He sawed Daniel Pearl’s head off with a dull knife for the crime of being Jewish.  Thousands of New Yorkers are dead, thanks to him.    He does not belong in New York – he belongs in solitary confinement in a dank, underground cell where he can stay until he hears the tortured voices of his victims calling out for him to join them.  He certainly doesn’t belong in a New York courtroom, enjoying the legal rights of an American citizen.  Especially not for some lame political theatrics.

Right now, I am ashamed of our government.  For those of you that think that this will be a slam-dunk, and that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s trial is a done deal, I have two letters for you.

O. J.









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