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We Used to Respect Scientists….

Hey, can't bears swim??

Guess what?

Global warming is a scam.  My regular exhaling ISN’T ruining the environment or drowning polar bears.  I never thought that it was, but it’s nice to find out that the science behind the recent hand-wringing about man-made global temperature increase was a complete fraud.

The scientists rigged the data, and then covered it up –  refusing to let anyone else see the raw temperature information.  They now say that they don’t have it any more.  They threw it away! There have been e-mails released that document their problems and also that point out their efforts to silence anyone the didn’t agree with their theory.  This deception was done for that most common and base of reasons – to increase climate research funding.  Scientists have mortgages, too.

Governments, eager to have another way to tax and control their populations, began pushing dollars towards climate research.  If they could prove that “global warming” existed, they could tax any use of energy in the name of preserving the planet.  They could spend those taxes on getting jobs for their buddies, paying organizations that specialize in voter fraud to make sure that they stay in office, and if they make the taxes big enough, they can dribble a little back to voters, who will be grateful and keep voting for them.  The money that our government was spending on this biased research came from the taxpayers.  It’s like we were being forced to build our own prison.  They’re really mad that their little scam was uncovered – their reaction is to go after whoever posted the e-mails and incriminating data on the web. We’ll just ignore the fact that everything to do with this research was done with public money….

Government, left alone, will always attempt to get bigger and meddle more and more in the lives of citizens.  This will continue until the citizens become subjects and then slaves to the government.  This is no secret – it was common knowledge in the summer of 1787, when delegates from the newly formed United States of America got together to form a new government – a government built around a constitution whose main purpose was to LIMIT THE ABILITY OF GOVERNMENT to mess with the citizens.

All that summer, the delegates worked to put chains on their new government.  They formed the government in three competing branches, so they would fight among themselves and each could act as a check on the power of the other.  The legislative process itself was designed to be ponderous and slow – legislation passed in a hurry can only be a bad thing.  Our founders knew all of this and viewed government as a necessary evil – a tiger to be kept in a strong cage.  They went so far as to propose an amendment (the tenth)  to the constitution – part of the first ten amendments also known as the Bill of Rights:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

If the Constitution doesn’t explicitly give the government power to do something – it can’t.  Our federal government legally HAS NO BUSINESS regulating your carbon dioxide.  Sorry, but it doesn’t.  If it isn’t listed in the document, it’s a state problem or reserved for the people.  The government also has no jurisdiction over health care, but that’s another subject for another time…

In any event, cap and trade legislation has already passed the House and is headed for the Senate.  It’s a tax based on a scam.  Our president is headed for Copenhagen soon, where he will attempt to sell out his citizens in an effort to produce a global “government” with the power to tax Americans and sent the money to “poorer” nations “harmed” by climate change.


We need to stop this.







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