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It’s nice to have a day off.

The tree is up!

Seventeen days until Christmas!

Wow, it’s just a little difficult to get in to the holiday spirit this year.  I’m trying to keep a positive outlook on things.  There is just SO much good stuff going on, but my looming unemployment tends to color everything just a little dark.  On a positive note, I received my very first phone-interview request this afternoon.   We’ll see how that works out.

In order to help with that holiday spirit thing, nature decided to send us a bit of snow over the weekend.  It didn’t stay long, but we did get to scrape some windshields….

Bonnie sleeps a lot…

Bonnie is getting better!  Her eye has healed, although there’s a scar that will likely affect her vision a bit.  She’s a couch dog anyway.  I couldn’t imagine her having to hunt her meals.  It’s nice to have my little companion back to normal.  I don’t think that she’s in pain any more.

I’ve been getting a little done around the house the last few days.  The trim in our dining room has been finished and painted.  That was a big deal for me- this room went through a gut-to-the-cinder-block renovation, and it’s nice to be getting done.  We still have to replace the weird little fan with a proper light over the dining room table and paint the room.  The drywall primer makes it white, but I doubt that this will be the final color.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that the more you do, the more you find that needs to be done.  My son’s bedroom, for example, had a retractable pendant light from the sixties as the main ceiling light.  I really never paid attention to it.  Sure, it was ugly, but it was WAY down on my priority list.  Heck, on closer observation, I found the retractable part pretty cool.  My wife “discovered” how ugly it was yesterday, and it has already been replaced with a non-retractable-and-kinda-boring-but-but-it-was-only-ten-bucks ceiling light from Home Depot.  As soon as I’m done with this post, I’ve got to go upstairs and hang a wall mirror that we brought over today from the other house.  A nice, simple job for a day off.

The Senate is still trying to ram a complete overhaul of our medical system down our throats.  The system that we have today, while certainly imperfect, has developed over years and years.  For the most part, it has evolved and changed to meet our needs, as well as enable innovation driven by someone’s opportunity to make a buck.  Rich people, when they get sick, don’t go to Europe or Cuba.  They come here for the best medical treatment in the world.  The government is going to toss this system for a new one – not something that has evolved and adapted, but one that they’re writing now.  It hasn’t been tested, it hasn’t even been tried yet.  Wouldn’t a prudent government try this on a smaller-scale first to see if it works?  Actually, they have – in Massachusetts.  26% of the people living there approve of it.  I suspect that this number will decrease as more people are affected by longer waiting times and people find out how much their premiums will be.

One wonders why the government is pushing so hard to give us a plan that only 38% of the people want.

What’s the real motivation behind this?

Gotta go,







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