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How cold is it??? Job Stuff….

Just too darn cold.  We had 25 mph winds today and the temperatures didn’t even get above freezing.  I worked today, but didn’t spend too much time outside.  We had some problems with frozen lines – I suspect that there’s going to be more of that.  The cold weather is supposed to last  until Sunday, when we’re going to get up to 40 degrees with rain.

This photo of our living room was taken this evening while we were playing with our new camera.  I remembered a gift card laying around that the Best Buy manager had given us when our dishwasher arrived broken.  I used it and $20 to pick up a Black Friday deal on a new camera.  Our old one was OK, but it really had a bad case of camera shake when the light was less than perfect.  The new one has digital stabilization.  It’s an Olympus, not a Canon, but so far I am satisfied with it.  As part of the Black Friday sale, we also received a case.  The camera seems a bit light and delicate to me, so the case is welcomed.

I had my very first job interview this week.  It was for a job that pays a third of what I make now and will require a lot of weekend and night work.  I might not accept a job there, but I needed the interview experience.   After the interview on Wednesday, I was told that I would hear from them by e-mail on Friday (today) about how well I did and when (or if) I would have my next interview.  The interview went pretty well and I suspected that I would move along to the next step.  It’s 9:40 pm, and there’s nothing in my e-mail.  Jerks.

You know, when you change jobs, you start all over on the vacation ladder.  I’ll get a week after a year, two weeks after two years, 3 weeks after 5 years, etc.  Also, there’s a waiting period before you vest in the company’s 401K contributions.  For full vesting, it’s six years!!  I’m not going to work for six years, so at my age, the 401K looks less attractive.  At my new income level, taxes become less important.  Hopefully, something else that pays a little better will come up.   I’m entitled to six months of unemployment benefits if I can’t find anything.  Truthfully, I’d rather be working – that job I interviewed for pays much better than the $330/week that unemployment insurance will pay me.

We’ll see what happens.  I’ve got over a month – something should turn up.

91 Sentra – pic from the web

My son is on his way to visit my oldest daughter in Alabama for a weekend visit.  She’s due to have my second grandchild in a month or so.  I was a little worried about him driving alone in his POS car – so worried that I gave him the keys to my Galant this morning.  He decided to take his own car anyway.  I hope he’s OK.  I’d feel a bit better if he had a spare tire……

Monica made a killer chocolate cake yesterday.  I had some after dinner, but I want another piece now.  I’m gonna try to hold off.

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