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It's just a couple of inches…..

Winter officially starts later this week, but the east coast saw our first snow storm overnight.  There’s about a foot of snow in my yard.  The State of Delaware has declared an emergency because of the snow.

I have to find this out on the internet because we’re in Ohio visiting my mom.  We arrived for our holiday visit yesterday afternoon.  It’s just about an eight hour drive from Delaware.  The trip was uneventful – our little Nissan Versa just ate up the miles.  Our GPS was still on daylight time and we didn’t realize it.  When we pulled onto my Mom’s street, the box still said that we had an hour to drive.  An unexpected surprise!!  We arrived before it got dark.

We had just enough snow to coat the yard today.  We had no problem getting out to the shopping center to pick up supplies.  We went past the entrance to the mall where the last-minute shoppers were having no trouble with the weather.  My wife made this awesome dish with pineapple and shrimp and we needed to pick up some stuff.

We’re still dealing with my pending unemployment.  I’ve realized that this is a really bad time to be in the job market.  No HR department is going to be doing anything in the next few weeks.  Everyone is on vacation.  The people that aren’t on vacation aren’t likely to be doing too much.  Even if the economy wasn’t in the toilet,  I don’t think that I’m likely to get a job offer before the new year.  So, I’m not going to worry too much.  Worrying doesn’t seem to accomplish much, anyway…..

I’m not going to write much about what our elected representatives are doing to us right now.  You can read about it yourself...  It’s a good thing that they’re working on health care, because this whole business makes me sick.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.






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