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Remembering Dad, Home chores….

Dad – around 1980

I remember having a conversation with my dad a few years before he passed on.  He had just purchased a new garden tractor.  I was having trouble understanding the purchase, as he already owned a fine little tractor.  “Dad, why would you buy that?”  I asked.  “Greg, it was a really good deal,”  he replied.  Dad could be like that sometimes – he was an extremely generous man, but if he bought something for himself, it had to be a really good deal.

I was reminded of that conversation this afternoon, when I purchased a new ceiling fan at the home center.  I had gone there to pick up something for another job entirely.  I was walking through the store without a cart – I knew what I wanted and I knew where to find it.  (yes, I know where most everything is – I’m there a lot).  Then I saw it – a ceiling fan that would be perfect in our spare room.  Let’s face it, nobody is buying ceiling fans when it’s snowing, and even fewer folks would buy one without instructions, a warranty or even all of the parts necessary for installation.  Nobody but me…    Oh, and it was just $22 and change.  It was already in a cart!!  It had an impossibly long 24″ mounting rod, but I could shorten that.  (buying a shorter one was possible, but how much fun is that?)  I do this a lot – I’m into rehabilitating things.  Have you seen my house??  Anyway, the home center didn’t have the hydraulic cement that I went there to get, but I bought the fan anyway, disconnecting the huge down rod so I could fit it into the car trunk.

A trip to the home center’s competitor followed, where they had the cement I needed in a convenient size, so I purchased that and returned home – with two tasks lined up for the afternoon, instead of one.

Same view, 24 hrs later.
View out the window. That's the $600 van.

Last week, we had over 12 inches of snow melted overnight by a hard, cold rain.  The soggy conditions caused a leak in my basement wall near the water pipe.  I had removed the old cement and wanted to pack new cement around the water pipe in order to stop the dripping.  It was only a problem during a really hard, long rain (like last week).  That job is now done.  Next, I moved to installing the new fan.

I had an old fan to remove first.  It was a low-budget white-painted fan – not attractive at all.  I removed that fan – it will be relocated to our other house (the one for sale) to take the place of a nice Hunter fan that will be transferred here to our new bedroom.  It took me a while to modify the down rod (I had to do it twice), but in an hour or so, the job was done.  With the twice-shortened down rod, I am no longer in danger of hitting my head on the fan as I walk under it.

Dad would have been proud…

Oh, Happy New Year, everyone.







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