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Vacation – not what we planned…

Tropical Girl

Yesterday afternoon, I took my sweetheart to the airport and saw her off for an overnight flight to Rio de Janeiro.  She sat next to an empty seat.  I had planned to accompany her, as I do every January.  I am on vacation this week and I was planning on taking three weeks of my 2010 vacation in January, stretching the trip into our regular month-long vacation in the tropics.

I usually purchase airline tickets well in advance of the holidays – it’s a good idea because the end of the year is prime vacation time and the cheap seats go quickly.  This time, not such a good idea.  Since I unexpectedly have no job next year, I have no 2010 vacation.  My employment has not yet officially ended (last day is supposed to be Jan 22).  I have to be at work next week.   So long, tropical vacation.  I get to eat the cost of my non-refundable ticket and send my wife off alone with our load of Christmas presents.

I just talked to Monica.  She arrived at our southern home safely and is enjoying time with her family.  She’s returning sometime around the middle of February, so she’ll miss most of our nasty winter weather.

As for me, I suppose I’ll get some work done around the house this week.

Oh, and I’ll try to stop whining so much.







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