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So much going on this week.  Much anticipation….

First, and most important, tomorrow we will welcome our newest member of the family –  my second granddaughter, Anna.  Originally scheduled to arrive on the 22nd, her introduction to the world has been advanced by a few days.  She seems to be as impatient to meet us as we are to meet her.  Best wishes and prayers for Anna and her parents-to-be as they finally get to meet face to face on Wednesday morning.  I am so proud of my daughter and the wonderful work that she has done with Mary – now Mary’s going to have a little sister!

After that, everything else seems pretty insignificant.

This week, I am at our soon-to-be-closed refinery on the day shift.  After work on Thursday, I’ll scoot to the airport and catch an overnight flight to Rio de Janiero.  It will be nice to escape the cold and spend some time with my wife, who has already been there a few weeks.  I’ll be there for my seven day shift break, returning for weekend work at night.  Monica says it’s really hot there.  Can’t wait.

Yesterday, I had another job interview – I’ve decided that I really don’t like job interviews (who would?).

Of course, they’re an inevitable part of trying to find another job – it’s just something that I wish I could skip.

Perhaps with practice, I’ll get better at them.

Geek Time….  I’m still loving my super fast FIOS  internet connection.  I can download a movie in an hour – less time than it takes to watch it.  Last night, I spent some time convincing our DNS-321 NAS device to be an FTP server.  I had to use the a free dynamic DNS service because I don’t have a static IP address any more.  It worked – I can now access my NAS device from anywhere.  Monica reports that her  four-year-old laptop is dead.  We think it’s an adapter problem.  I’m bringing a new adapter with me on Thursday.  In case that isn’t the problem, we can still access photos and recipes that we used to keep on her laptop (I back that stuff up to the NAS device) from Brasil via our new FTP server.

There’s a chance that Senator Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts could go to a Republican in a special election on January 19.  This is a long shot – it’s not likely that the state that continues to send Barney Frank to the House could do something that responsible, but there’s some hope.  Here’s hoping that Scott Brown can pull this off.  Wouldn’t that be cool?







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