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Waiting for the Storm

Wow, no posts for a week.  I’m at that point in my shift rotation at work where I just finished working 6 shifts in 7 days.  I can’t post from work (and I probably shouldn’t anyway) and I haven’t had that much time at home.

I’m just a little fuzzy-headed today.  I worked the night shift last night and went to a job interview this morning.  I had about two hours of sleep, so I am not entirely all there.  I’m working day shift next week, so this was the only opportunity for an interview with this company.

I think that job interviews are getting a little easier for me now.  Let’s face it though, the economy is in the dumpster and jobs are hard to come by.  The companies doing the hiring seem to be aware of that.  This morning’s interview wasn’t nearly as bad as the last few, and I think that I made a good impression.  I was interviewing for a production supervisor job in a small company that is adding a production shift.  The hours will be 5pm to 5am Thursday to Sunday one week and Friday to Sunday the next.  Just nights, and working every weekend.  I have been working shift work my entire working life, and I have never heard of such an arrangement.  The pay is less (about half) that I am earning now, but there are benefits.  We’ll see what happens there.

There’s a nasty winter storm about to hit the area.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from my job interview.  It seemed that everyone in the state had the same idea.  Bought some fruit, frozen food and munchies.  If we’re snowed in, we’ll be okay.  There’s enough food here to eat for a week.

Inconsiderate jerk of the day.

I also stopped for gas on the way home at Wawa.  The gas pumps were crowded because of the approaching storm.  As I was waiting, I noticed one car that had an unattended hose in the gas tank.  The driver was not there.  I waited for another car to finish and then took my turn.  As I was leaving, I saw the driver of the unattended car walking out with a sandwich in a bag.  This guy left his car unattended with the hose in his filler and holding up a spot while he was inside waiting for someone to make him a sandwich.  His pump said $6.72.  So, this person hogged a pump for over 15 minutes while everybody else was in line so he could top off his almost-full tank with two gallons of gas and get a sandwich.  I considered stopping him and complaining, but he likely wouldn’t have understood.  What a jerk.  Or maybe I’m just tired….

Looks pretty bad, huh?

It’s 3:30 pm, and there’s no snow yet, but it’s coming.  I’m going to move the cars in from the street and park them in the driveway (less to shovel when the snow stops).  While I was out today, I stopped by a couple of home centers, but neither of them had snow shovels.  That’s what you get for waiting until the last minute, I suppose.  During the last big storm, my son left our shovel outside and it walked away.  Looks like we’ll have to use a small shovel to clear a path to the door.  With four cars in the driveway, where shouldn’t be much left to shovel anyway.

I’ve got the weekend off, so I’ll get a chance to enjoy the snow….







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