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Four Hours and a Shovel


It’s Sunday and there’s nothing to do.  We had 24″ of snow yesterday.  Guess I’d better get out the shovel and go to work.  The work took just a little longer than I thought that it would.  When the snow is over your knees, you aren’t going to push it anywhere.  You’ve got to pick up the snow and move it somewhere else.  The sun was out, so the 26 degree F (-3 C) seemed warmer than it really was.  Bonnie was out with me most of the day.  She got really excited when I cleared a path to the street.  She tried to walk down the street and sunk to her belly in the snow.  I had to pick her up.


A few minutes later, I had cleared a path to some wheel tracks, allowing Bonnie the chance to walk up and down the street a bit.  Our street never gets plowed, so we just have to follow the tracks in the snow.  I cleared the driveway to the wheel tracks, and I even went out for a bit.  Had to go to Walmart for dog food and kitchen trash bags….

The Super Bowl is playing now.

I don’t seem to be interested in watching, but I’d like it if the Saints win.

I like to root for the underdog.







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