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Hi Mary!

I’ve been at my daughter’s place in Huntsville, AL for the last few days.  It’s about a 13 hour car ride to get here – one can do it in a day.  I was able to meet my newest grandchild, the four-week-old Anna, as well as reestablish my relationship with her older sister, Mary.

Bet you can't guess how old Anna is…

The last time that I saw Mary, she was very much a baby.  She is almost two years old now, and she’s all sorts of fun.  She likes to climb up on your lap and read books, she’s walking (and often running) around playing with her toys.  She talks all of the time – she’s a wonderful little girl.  Much credit should go to her parents – they’re doing a wonderful job.  Great Job, Mommy!  Great Job, Daddy!

Little Sis and Big Sis

Bonnie and I drove down here on Friday in our new Nissan. The hours seemed to fly by – I listened to Sarah Palin’s audio book (highly recommended).  I would have rather taken my Galant, but it would have required digging to get it free from the grip of the latest snowfall.   I worked day shift last week and I only had time to do a minimum amount of shoveling before it got dark.  Only the active car was free.  Hopefully, some of that snow will have melted when I get home.  It’s unlikely, as I think that the colder-than-normal temperatures are persisting.  Today, I saw it snowing in Huntsville – so it’s certainly colder than normal here.

Anna sleeping

The plan is to return home tomorrow.  If I leave at a decent hour, I should arrive home before it gets too dark.  The Nissan is a great travel vehicle – I had no problems driving all day.  Accu-weather says that we’ll get another 2 inches of snow tomorrow.  Shouldn’t be a problem.

My lovely Brasileira will be returning on Friday.  It looks like the snow will still be here, although it won’t affect our lives too much.  We’ll still have the waist-high piles on either side of the driveway to look at, though.  It’ll be nice to have her home.  Really nice.

Gotta run – need to get some sleep. I’ve got a long drive tomorrow.







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