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For Duty and Humanity…

from the Three Stooges short, “Men in Black”.  Very appropriate tonight.

Our House of Representatives has spoken.  The yes vote was 220 in favor of the government takeover of our medical system, four more than necessary – there were no Republicans voting yes.   Politicians are now in complete charge of our medical system.  If you didn’t like the way your insurance company rationed care, wait until the government is in charge.

We will now have to prove to the IRS that we have medical coverage that qualifies (whatever some bureaucrat decides) or we will be fined.  Jail is also an option.

We have to deal with what the fools in Congress have done.  Our nation cannot possibly afford this widespread new entitlement program with our economy in the dumpster and over 40 cents of every budget dollar spent this year already financed by borrowing.

The new taxes will begin immediately – medical benefits will begin four years from now – a trick they used to make their takeover of health care seem like it saves money.  If a company did this on their financial statements, someone would get arrested.

Somehow, we need to stop this.

I am so disappointed.






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