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We Expect and Deserve Better Than This….

Our nation has been dragged, kicking and screaming, into a fundamental revolution in our approach to medical care.  The government is ultimately going to be in charge of health care service allocation – the desire of that power is what has been behind the legislation and the bare-knuckled fight to push it through Congress against the will of two thirds of the population.  There is no deficit savings in creating a broad new entitlement program that covers virtually everyone, and nobody really ever thought so.   For the first time, your tax money will be spent on abortion murdering babies in their mother’s womb for the sake of convenience.  Thinking people are upset, nerves are raw and the approval rating of our legislators has almost reached single digits.  We are a severely divided nation.

The president in Iowa

Our president (and it pains me to type the “our”) has emerged victorious.  His words to our country?  The approach that he has taken to try to heal the great divide caused by his successful takeover of a sixth of  our economy?  He goes to Iowa, crows about his “victory” and dares his opponents to try to repeal his ugly legislation.  From the linked article – “As the crowd broke into a chant of “Yes we can!” Obama corrected them: “Yes we did!””

Nobody likes an ungracious winner, Obama.  There’s a reason why they’ve eliminated the end-zone victory dance in the NFL.  Had this president spent his childhood in America instead of Indonesia, he would understand that.  We’ve all witnessed (and perhaps participated in) that end-of-game ritual practiced daily on thousands of athletic fields.  Young boys (and girls) in baseball caps line up after the end of a game and smack palms with their opponents.  Even NFL coaches shake hands – it’s just part of how we do things.  Our president’s behavior is disappointing and will not soon be forgotten.  We expect more of  nine-year old  boys.

The availability of medical care for the 85% of the population that is satisfied with their medical care will surely decrease.  We will certainly wait longer and we will pay more as this new law takes effect.  The Law of Unintended Consequences will work its way through a system that touches everyone’s lives.  We don’t get a choice anymore.  You participate in the new system or you are subject to penalties that include jail.  Not one Republican vote helped this along, so the Democrats now own government health care.  Like the sign at Pottery Barn says – they broke it, they bought it.

I’m tired of this subject, and I suspect that the rest of the country is as well – no more about this for a while.

Can’t wait for November, though.







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