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Off for a few days!!!

Off of work for a few days!  WooHoo!!

What’s really weird is that I can’t check my work e-mail.  I’ve always watched my e-mail from home – its one way to keep up with things while one is off for a week at a time.  Our new owners haven’t set up e-mail access yet.  When I get back to work, I’ll set up an Outlook rule that forwards stuff to a webmail account.  Wish that I had thought of that before….

As of Tuesday, I am an employee of Delaware City Refining Company, LLC.  I’ve worked for Getty, Texaco. Star Enterprise, Motiva, Premcor. Valero and now DCRC and I’ve been working at the same place all of that time.  The new owners seem serious about getting the place going – the refinery leadership team are a great bunch of guys – all with lots of experience.  Refinery startup is tentatively scheduled for April 2011.  Can’t wait.

Christmas Kate

Kate left today for another 3 month trip to the Pacific, where she will be chasing subs for Uncle Sam.  There’s a lot of insanity right now in that part of the world.  Let’s hope that she can stay safe while she’s out there.

Got the worst of the tile work in the guest bathroom done today.  There’s a window above the tub, and I had to do a lot of tile work around the window.  Although we’ll probably have a curtain or something over the window, it will be completely waterproof even without one.  Don’t you love old houses with the window over the bath tub???

I’ve determined that the Middle East will not see peace in my lifetime.  The main reason is that many of the countries are run by idiots.  Did you see the latest?

These people are supposed to be grownups.  *sigh*






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