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Abby’s safe, and her parents do NOT belong in jail….

Abby Sunderland, the sixteen-year old girl who was attempting to sail around the world and was feared lost in the southern Indian Ocean has been located and is safe.  Her communications were cut off when her mast was severed yesterday by a very rough sea.  She triggered her emergency beacon (EPIRB) in response to the ship’s damage.  Her custom-built ship is almost unsinkable and she has the equipment and training to wait safely for assistance, which should be there in a day or so.  She was spotted by a search plane today and has been able to communicate that she’s OK.

Here’s a link to a story in the LA times.

It’s a factual story, but what surprised me was the reaction of the folks who commented to the article.  People want the LA County DA to charge the parents with child abuse!  They’re wondering how much the search effort (paid for by the Aussie Govt) cost.  People think that Abby and/or her parents are doing this for attention – note that her older brother sailed non-stop around the world a few years ago.  I am embarrassed by those comments and I only hope that she never sees them.

Hey, you ninnies!  The girl saw a challenge and decided to tackle it.  Did she make it around the world?  Nope, but she went most of the way – including around the Horn of Africa – at this time of year, that’s an achievement.  She’s sixteen, and has seen and experienced things that those armchair admirals could only dream of.  She’s got guts and her parents are proud of her – heck, I’m proud of her and I’ve never met the young woman.

What has happened to us?  Isn’t this something to be admired?  Have we decided that hanging out at the mall or playing Guitar Hero in your friend’s basement is more desirable behavior than a young woman deciding to test herself against Nature and the elements?  Was it dangerous? Perhaps, but with training and good equipment, the dangers could be minimized.  Satellite communications provided a link to her parents from anywhere in the world (until the mast broke).

Driving can be dangerous, too (traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for teens).

Abby will be fine, her experience at sea will enrich her life and the confidence that she gained from her journey will affect everything she does.  Her parents are to be commended, not arrested.

I hope that she inspires more kids to do that sort of thing.

End of post political paragraph..

Our President, Barack Obama was not present at the memorial service for the workers that perished in the fire and explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform.  He chose instead to attend a political fund-raiser for Barbara Boxer at that time.

How Presidential…..






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