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I crossed a line today….

Although I have plenty of political opinions, I don’t have a history of contributing money to political candidates.  It’s always seemed that the folks that I support are already well-financed – or I’ve always thought so.

What Senator Reid thinks of our opinions….

This morning, I went to Sharron Angle’s web site and got out my credit card.  I made a contribution to the Republican Senate candidate in Nevada.  She’s running against Harry Reid, the Democrat leader of the senate – the guy responsible for the recent jamming of unwanted legislation down our throats.  Obamacare, the really bad financial regulation bill and soon to come, cap and tax.  We’ve seen the payoffs, the buying and bribing of individual senators votes.  It’s ugly, and Senator Reid was the orchestra conductor.  He’s already got $9 million in campaign cash and is expected to raise lots more.

I’d like to see that weasel get his retirement papers this November.

I’m not saying that anyone else that reads this blog should go out and do the same thing,

but just in case you want to, here’s a link.






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