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Now, what exactly am I supposed to think about this?

I have a stepson attending college in Rio de Janiero.  That’s him on the left.

We’re proud of him – it’s difficult to get into college in Brasil.  He’s studying communications and a MacBook would be an excellent Christmas present – it’s what the other people that are studying communications are using.

I don’t know much about Apple computers, but I did the research and found out that they build a very nice computer that isn’t really state of the art hardware, but the interface and experience are supposed to be awesome.  They also cost about twice as much as a Windows laptop, and any Mac user will tell you that they’re well worth it.

So…..  Being kinda cheap (Who, me?), I went to Ebay and started watching prices.  I found one, a MacBook Pro (better than a MacBook), for a reasonable price.  A couple of mouse clicks and Paypal had sucked the money from my credit card and I was the “winner” of the Ebay auction.  The seller had good feedback and was a reasonably active Ebayer.  Looked like a good transaction at the time.

There was a message a few days later from Paypal that said that the package had shipped and I was given a USPS tracking number.

Two weeks went by (yes, I’m a patient guy).  The tracking number from USPS said that they had billing info but had never received the package.  This has happened to me before.  USPS tracking info is frequently updated so late that the package regularly is delivered before USPS says that they had it.

but two weeks??

I used the Ebay messaging system and sent the seller a message.  He responded in an hour or so….

Hi there greg,
I just want to start by apologizing for
not sending the laptop on time, I understand you want what you paid for but
I was inconcerated for the past two weeks and now trying to catch up with
all my ebay deliveries. The laptop will dropped off to usps first thing in
the morning of 11/29, and for the inconvenience I can refund you the
shipping cost you originally paid for. I’m always on top of my shipping and
making sure my customers are happy….


Look, the guy’s honest, right?

Anyway, I checked this morning, and the USPS tracking site says that they have received a package and that it’s on the way.

More to come on this…







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  1. Ray Adkins Avatar
    Ray Adkins

    Did you wonder if the computer was stolen?

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