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New MacBook, Grandma’s Radio, and stuff….

We received the new (to us) computer  in the mail the other day.  No surprises at all.  In fact, it’s a really nice little laptop.  Looks like our temporarily incarcerated Ebay seller was an honest guy after all.  The computer looks new, and the user data left on it indicated that it truly belonged to the seller.  I had to reformat the HD and reload the operating system to remove all traces of the previous owner (there might be an easier way, but I’m not an Apple person).  I’ve been using it for a day or so (I’m posting with it now), and I’ve got to admit that Apple builds a nice machine.  It has a huge trackpad that you control using various finger combinations.  It’s neat.  Is it worth twice the price of a Windows machine?  Perhaps, but not to me right now.  I’ll stick with my old Linux netbook.

It’s cold outside.  Winter has pretty much arrived here in the Mid-Atlantic – just a few weeks early.  Highs in the low 40s this weekend, lows at night in the 20s and a stiff breeze all day.  Yuk.  The thermometer that reads the outside temperature is set in Celsius for my wife, so it is reading negative numbers right now.  Makes it feel even colder.  Bonnie’s around-the-block poop walks have shortened considerably – most of the time, she doesn’t make it out of the yard before she does her business and heads back to the kitchen door. She doesn’t like the cold, either.

Winter isn’t all bad.  Yesterday, we set up the Christmas tree in the living room.  We also were able to carry on one of our family Christmas traditions.  Mygrandmother’s old Philco radio was dragged out of my office to play Christmas carols while we did the decorating.  Took a few minutes to warm up, of course, and I had to re-tune the FM station once or twice, but it still did the job that it has always done, providing Christmas carols while we sorted out ornaments and placed them on the tree.  Wouldn’t be Christmas without that old radio.  It’s funny how that sort of thing can be so important…

I was going to post some stuff about the political circus going on in Congress right now, but I think I’ll just pass on that.  Why ruin a nice evening?






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