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I’ve Already Picked our Next President

I know, I know.  I’ve got a horrible track record at this…

In 2007, I came out for Fred Thompson for president, who was really just in it to eventually throw his support to his good buddy, John McCain.  So, we ran a Washington insider with squishy almost-conservative views and he got his clock cleaned by Mr. Hopey-Changey.

Gosh, the worst thing that we could do is run another Republican candidate like McCain.  Who else have we got?  Mr. Huckabee is a fine fellow, but his very public religious beliefs will be used by the lefties to cut him down – likewise Mr. Romney.  Remember all the whispered controversy during the last premary?  Mormon this and Mormon that, whispered, of course, but still there.  As a former governor that passed a statewide medical system for Massachusetts, he’s not going to be able to argue very well against Obamacare.  Tim Pawlenty is another former governor – an evangelical Christian and a lawyer as well.  I don’t like his positions on energy and also that he’s another professional politician.  So who’s left?

Fred Thompson?  No, he’s too old, and we won’t forgive him for the last time.

Okay, my pick for Republican Presidential candidate and eventual president of the United States is…


Yes.  That guy right there.

Herman Cain.

He’s not a lawyer.  He’s not a professional politician.  He has loads of executive experience (something you would expect the chief executive to have) – he’s been a successful manager at some large companies and has even turned a company around and helped the management take it private.  The guy has a job as a radio host right now and has his finger on the pulse of what conservatives are looking for.  The guy has presence.  When he walks up to the podium, he commands attention.  He’s not Reagan, but he’s comfortable in front of the lights and I’ll bet that he won’t use a teleprompter.  He doesn’t sound like a corporate drone – he grew up poor in the south and made it through college only because his dad worked three jobs.

Mr. Cain has much more in common with the American People than the present occupant of the White House.

He’s a long shot – a dark horse, if you will, but a debate between Mr. Cain and Obama would be an awesome thing to watch.  It wouldn’t be pretty.



That video’s 30 minutes long, but it’s awesome.

Just my opinion…








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  1. Melody Avatar

    Glad you put the video from CPAC up; we watched it and are big fans now! Go Fair Tax!!

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