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The Gun Grabbing Hypocrites Have No Shame.

Here’s a guy that has seen his share of problems. His wife was shot by a nutcase murderer. Last week, he paraded his recovering ex-congresswoman wife in front of hearings in order to try to keep us from owning our “assault rifles”. Note that his wife was shot with a pistol.

So, what does he do?


Aren’t they great?






One response to “The Gun Grabbing Hypocrites Have No Shame.”

  1. Micikey Avatar

    Whats the main reason of the AriZona ShooTing? Judge John Roll overturned ObaAmmma executive order 14 days before his death, do your own research. This FaccsSit Looneey tune groups in the CaapTital HHilll are allll lliiiaaarrrrs runnning aammmuuucccckkkkkk!

    Why lie AR15 was used at the event when it never happened. just a handgun.

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