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What Are They Smoking?


The legislature in Colorado, where they just legalized dope smoking, has passed five gun control bills.  In case you were wondering about how well-informed the legislators in Colorado were, check this out.  Connecticut just passed another assault weapons ban, tighter than the one that they had in effect when that nutcase shot up that elementary school after killing his mom and taking her guns.  New York did the same.  Their new laws are even stricter (except that if you’re a billionaire mayor, your security detail can carry anything that they wish).  What really confuses me is Maryland.  NY is nuts – and the governor there was looking to score big lib points for a presidential run – I can understand that.  Colorado and Connecticut passed feel-good legislation that likely would have had no impact on the recent shootings there.

But Maryland?  No shootings there (except for the normal gang-banger shootings in the Baltimore area).  In order to own a handgun in Maryland, you would need to:

  • Provide fingerprints
  • Undergo classroom training
  • Qualify at target practice
  • Have a Maryland background check separate from the already-required federal check
  • Receive a photo ID from the Maryland State Police that would be required to be renewed every ten years.

How are you going to qualify with a weapon before you are allowed to own one?  Hopefully, once you have that card, subsequent purchases won’t require re-qualification on the range.

That ten-year expiration will pretty much guarantee that nobody older than seventy or so will be allowed to purchase or possess a handgun in Maryland.  You’re not going to be able to re-qualify for that card with old-people’s eyes unless you drop a couple of hundred on an expensive red-dot sight and learn how to use it.  So, it’ll be open season on old folks.  Follow that old guy home from the supermarket and kick in his door – you know he’s not packing – he’s too old.  Don’t these people think?  Are they stupider than the Colorado legislators?  Is that even possible?

They’ve also made a whole bunch of guns illegal – mostly because they look scary – that’s the most common reason that libs call them “assault weapons”.  Many of those weapons are popular.  I may own a few of them myself.

There’s a new magazine limit of ten bullets per magazine.  I have never understood the reason for this.  With thirty minutes practice, anyone can learn to swap magazines out in a second or two.  Is this really going to make any difference in a mentally-ill killer’s death count?  Especially one that perhaps started out his killing spree by killing his mom?  Are some civic-minded heroes going to rush and overpower the shooter in the second that it takes to drop one mag and pops another in?  After he’s already killed a bunch of folks?  I don’t think so.

In Maryland, if someone steals one of your weapons, you are now a criminal unless you report the theft promptly.  If you have no knowledge of the theft, well it sucks to be you.

policeI live less than 5 miles from Maryland.  Most of the folks that I know that live in Maryland are pretty good folks.  Lots of pickups with NRA stickers in the back where I work.  Too bad that their own government sold them down the river.  There have been 53 homicides in Baltimore so far this year.  YTD, 24 US soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan.  All of the killings in Baltimore were done by criminals (duh).  Any guess as to how many of those criminals will be paying attention to these new laws?






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